Main Nué

MAIN NUÉ is a design and repair studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Specializing in the art of repairing, reshaping, and rethinking existing materials, MAIN NUÉ breathes new life into discarded and displaced items.

Our mission revolves around mending the past to shape the future of fashion, rooted in an appreciation for patina and a fondness for the old, broken, and torn. Through a blend of traditional mending techniques and crafts, MAIN NUÉ presents a subtle and sincere product, providing a second chance for items. Materials are locally sourced and everything is produced by us, making every pice one off and unique.

Founded and co-created by Maja Freiman and Alva Johansson between 2019-2023, MAIN NUÉ is currently led by its creative director, Maja Freiman.